Dietary Counseling [Greenwich Only] — Perhaps the most powerful way we influence our lives is with the nutrients we consume on a daily basis. Taking in too much or too little will have disastrous results, especially over time. Getting the right amount of food as well as choosing from the right selections is something almost everyone struggles with. Advanced testing identifies specific nutrient deficiencies and a proper way to help you correct these issues. Professional guidance from experts trained in the science of diet and nutrition is the best way to avoid the pitfalls of guesswork and get the most dramatic results in the shortest time.

Weight Loss [Greenwich Only] — Though most everyone wants to lose body fat for reasons of appearance, excess fat is unhealthy, and that’s the primary reason to strive for a proper weight. Encompassing a spectrum of approaches ranging from non-pharmaceutical to pharmaceutical, we have a powerful variety of tools at our disposal. Sessions and regular follow up are private, there is close continuous contact, and each situation is thoroughly personalized. Working with men, women, and children, we strive for results and hold ourselves to the task of achieving dramatic fat loss, but with transformative and lasting results.

Meal Plans [Greenwich Only] — Different body types, varying physical and lifestyle demands, and factoring in an individuals specific goals are all critical considerations when establishing meal planning. Some people want to shed unwanted body fat, while others want to gain muscle tone. Yet each needs the specific structure in order to get there. Like a fingerprint, each person will respond to the cadence of food selection and intake throughout day in their own unique way. Customized meal planning takes all these factors into consideration and gives you the precision you need to achieve your goal.

Chelation & Detox [Greenwich Only] — Toxins in our environment abound. Heavy metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic can find their way into our body and wreak havoc on our health. Bacterial or yeast (candida) overgrowth, and even the undetected presence of parasites can produce relatively serious illness yet go undetected for years. Only specialized evaluations identify these issues. We use objective 3rd party lab analysis to get reliable results using highly sensitive testing of the blood, urine, stool, and hair. Corrective chelation and/or detox using dietary supplements or medications if needed can then be performed.