Physician Care

Traditional Medicine [Greenwich Only] — Traditional allopathic medicine means medical care from a real, licensed medical doctor, an M.D. There is no escaping the fundamental necessity of mainstream medical care and the lifesaving benefits modern medicine has brought to all our lives. You must have a true traditional medical physician on your side at all times. The key is to have a physician that is knowledgeable of, and open to, effective methods and means outside their classical disease-based training, especially when mainstream medicine isn’t the answer.

Private Concierge Medicine [Greenwich Only] — Waiting to see a medical doctor for something simple or even just getting a doctor on the phone to answer a basic question or get a prescription can be annoying, unbearable at times, or even impossible in some cases. As government healthcare expands and our shortage of medical physicians continues, easy access to a real medical physician is becoming increasingly difficult. Concierge medicine offers a limited membership-based clientele, personal contact and continuous access to private medical care without any waiting time or hassles.

Longevity Medicine [Greenwich Only] — Longevity medicine is a unique and informal emerging subspecialty of traditional medicine centered on preserving youth and protecting the body from the ravages of aging. While aging cannot be prevented, there is a staggering amount that can be done to stave off the damage of time. Because this is such a rapidly developing field, most generalists lack this knowledge. As new research and clinical data amass, we provide our patients access to the latest testing and evaluation techniques along with new-age treatment approaches.

Naturopathic Medicine [Greenwich Only] — What most people don’t know is that naturopathic medicine is an approach that dovetails off of traditional medicine. Rather than being in conflict with allopathic medicine, we view the naturopathic approach as being complimentary. The fact is that even traditional medicine has its limitations. At times traditional medical testing misses a diagnosis of deficiency or fails to offer a proper treatment for a particular condition. That’s where naturopathic evaluation and treatment can come in and provide the answers and, so often, the cure.