Greenwich, CT

Peak Wellness of Greenwich offers advanced diagnostic and treatment care for traditional medical ailments, naturopathic issues, and injury rehabilitation.

Peak Wellness of Greenwich offers advanced diagnostic and treatment care for traditional medical ailments, naturopathic issues, and injury rehabilitation. The qualified staff of licensed professionals includes medical and naturopathic doctors, physical therapists, and nutritional specialists working side-by-side to help you realize your goals.

Our approach is to do whatever is in our power to make you well and, if necessary, using every traditional and/or complimentary method at our disposal to help you. When it comes to musculoskeletal injuries, we not only rehabilitate and heal your injuries, but to also take you well beyond just returning you the same state you were before the injury. Rather, we set forth and implement a clear plan whereby we go beyond and actually strengthen and improve your body, drastically reducing the probability of you reinjuring the area. Our approach to your health is clear from beginning to end and comprehensive throughout.



In particular, Peak Wellness of Greenwich provides advanced physical medicine and advanced healing techniques in an environment where there is continuity of care between practitioners.

Traditional Medicine

Traditional allopathic medicine means medical care from a real, licensed medical doctor, an M.D. There is no escaping the fundamental necessity of mainstream medical care and the lifesaving benefits modern medicine has brought to all our lives.


Private Concierge Medicine

Waiting to see a medical doctor for something simple or even just getting a doctor on the phone to answer a basic question or get a prescription can be annoying, unbearable at times, or even impossible in some cases.


Longevity Medicine

Longevity medicine is a unique and informal emerging subspecialty of traditional medicine centered on preserving youth and protecting the body from the ravages of aging. While aging cannot be prevented, there is a staggering amount that can be done to stave off the damage of time.


Physical Performance Testing

High-level competitive athletes as well as lower level serious competitors rely on 3rd-party benchmarks to objectively establish their progress. Our qualified staff of professionals is trained to test athlete suitability.


Physical Therapy & Injury Rehabilitation

When the body is injured, physical therapy may be the only answer. Even when severely injured and surgery is needed, qualified physical therapy absolutely must take over thereafter and truly return the patient to full activity.


Naturopathic Medicine

Where the more traditional medical approach leaves off, naturopathic medicine with a licensed naturopathic doctor, an N.D., utilizes advanced testing to detect more subtle problems that might be missed by the more traditional medicine approach, and then uses natural and alternative curatives to treat the patient.


Functional Medicine

Functional medicine focuses on addressing the root cause of an ailment. Treating symptoms may certainly provide relief. But identifying and dealing with the actual source of the problem is what can return the physiology to the pre-morbid state, thereby helping to avoid long-term medications.


Chiropractic Care

Combining the Greek words cheir (hand) and praxis (practice), “chiropractic” uses hands-on therapy to adjust and realign the body, especially the spine, in order to relieve pain.


Acupuncture & Dry Needling

The techniques of acupuncture and dry needling can be used to treat a number of maladies including but not limited to localized pain and muscle spasms. Though they are similar techniques in that they both utilize the placement of a needle through the skin and into the soft tissues of the body, acupuncture and dry needling differ from each other.


Massage Therapy

When muscles are fatigued, sore, or overly tight due to stress or trauma, hands-on treatment with high-quality manual massage from a licensed and properly qualified therapist can dramatically turn things around.


Nutrition Guidance and Meal Planning

The most powerful way we influence our lives on a daily basis is with the nutrients we consume. Each person is unique and faces individual health challenges. So there is a way to eat for each physiology. Structured meal plans sort it out and is it easy to understand and follow.


Weight Loss

When you’re finally done wasting precious time on fad diets and want the dramatic and sustainable results of medical weight loss, we have the real medical licensed professionals and experts that will get the most dramatic yet lasting results in the shortest time.


Female and Male Hormone Health

Our hormones play a major role in our health and maintaining a youthful feel and look. When hormones are deficient or out of balance, health suffers and the signs of aging rapidly take hold.


I.V. Therapy

Intravenous (I.V.) micronutrient therapy is an ultra-potent method of delivering vital fluids, essential vitamins, minerals, critical electrolytes, amino acids, and other health-promoting, performance improving, body enhancing substances directly into the bloodstream.



Chief Executive Officer & Medical Director
Peak Wellness of Greenwich, CT

Dr. Colker’s practice specialties include internal medicine, sports medicine, and nutrition. He is licensed in medicine and surgery and on the faculty at Cornell University and New York-Presbyterian Hospital where he is Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in Neurology in New York City. His privileges include, Attending Physician at both Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and Yale University’s Greenwich Hospital Campus in Connecticut. As a special care physician, he has taken care of the most critically ill patients in the intensive care unit and emergency room. Dr. Colker’s published peer-reviewed clinical research includes extensive work on human performance and nutrition, with the addition of hundreds of lay-press articles to his credit. A Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, Dr. Colker is a widely published clinical researcher, book author, and is regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts on athletic enhancement and human performance. He is a familiar network reality TV star on ABC where he starred alongside NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal on ABC’s Shaq’s Big Challenge. Dr. Colker is a former Medical Correspondent for FOX, offering his expert opinion and advice to millions of American households. His commentary can also be seen on ESPN Outside the Lines, NBC’s Health Segment, and Court TV. Dr. Colker has worked with numerous notable NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, USTA, and Olympic athletes, helping them heal form injury, strengthen their bodies, and optimize their physical performance. In the world of celebrities, as he is also a former champion competitive bodybuilder, Dr. Colker is known as the “go-to” doctor for marquee entertainers needing a certain look and A-list actors facing more challenging roles involving dramatic body transformation. He has managed to combine his remarkable experiences to help countless people from all walks of life reach their true maximum potential.



Dr. Colker has also been interviewed on national television over a variety of topics from the serious to the not-so-serious by everyone from Barbara Walters and Katie Couric to Jenny Jones, Montel Williams, and Roseanne Barr. As his personal physician and long-time trainer, Dr. Colker starred alongside NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal on ABC’s Shaq’s Big Challenge.